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Aptify 7.2 release introduces downloadable products in e-Business 7.x as "My Downloads". This feature allows registered user who has purchased a digital product to utilize the "My Downloads" functionality for accessing and managing their downloads.

Below sub-topics covers how to configure a product to be downloadable and how to access and manage the products.

Setting up Downloadable Products in Aptify Web

  1. Log in to Aptify Web.
  2. Navigate to Product Maintenance > Download Items and create a new Download Items record.
  3. In the General tab, provide the name and description of the product and select the Active checkbox.
  4. In the Attachments tab, add the required attachments.
  5. Save and close the record.
  6. Navigate to the Product Maintenance > Products service and open the desired Products record.
  7. Go to the Web > Download Details tab.
  8. Select the Includes Download checkbox.
  9. In the Expiration Days field, enter the number of days the user can download the item from e-Business application after the product is shipped. After the given number of days are completed, the download expires.
  10. In the Max Downloads field, enter the number of times the user can download the item from e-Business application. When the download exceeds the number mentioned in this field, the user is no longer able to download the item.
  11. Save and close the record.


Using Downloadable Product in e-Business 7.x

To access the downloadable products that are purchased and shipped, follow the instructions given below:

  1. Log in to the e-Business 7.x website using the user credentials.
  2. On the menu bar, go to My profile section. The My profile page appears.
  3. Click My downloads link.  An Order ID based sorted list of all the available downloads for the user is displayed.

    In the below screenshot, the Download section displays the status of the downloads as described below: 
    Download - Indicates that the download link is active, and the product is available for download. Clicking the link downloads the item on the user's system.
    Max downloads reached - Indicates that the maximum downloads number has reached, and the user can no longer download the product.
    Download expired – Indicates that the product is not available to the user for download.

    Note: To view the downloadable products in the My Downloads section, the user must place an order and the order must be shipped.

  4. Use the search bar to search the items based on the File ID, Product name, File name, Order date and Order ID fields.
  5. Use the Sorting and Filters functionality to filter out the records as required.

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