Working with Career Activity Tracking

For associations that utilize a YM Careers Activity board, the YM career center solutions integration is a member acquisition tool that feeds constituent information to association staff whenever a non-member enrolls in the job board as a job seeker or a company posts job listing. This solution ensures you have visibility and recruitment access to the individual and company data right in Aptify AMS. You can then qualify person/company records and market your membership solutions to them in one central place.

The primary features of this integration are as follows:

  • Automatically create new records for Resume, Job Applications, and Job Alert activity whenever a new job seeker enrolls or a company posts a new job posting.
  • Data captured in YM Careers is added to respective Entities to help connect with and acquire new members.
  • Imported activities are automatically segregated into respective Activity Entities and related Persons records by performing automated duplicate checks.

When you have set up YM Careers integration as per YM Career Activity Tracking Configuration, you must run Scheduled Tasks at the defined intervals to create or update activities in your Aptify system. Staff users can work with new activities records with respective status. Activities Source is populated with YM Careers on all records created from YM Careers so you can distinguish them from activity created by staff or other integrations.

  1. Run the CareerActivityImport process flow, it will start fetching data based on the activity type and status (should be Open) and dump it into Career Activities entity. For more details refer Post Installation Configuration.
    Records will have following status as given below:
    1. Open : This indicate that record is ready for process based on their Activity Type
    2. In-Progress :  While record get process to their respective entity it set to this status
    3. Completed :  Once the Retrieval process get completed and record save successfully to their respective entity
    4. Error : During the process if any exception occurred it set to this status and also error message will be show under Description filed of the respective record
  2. Process Flow also checks for the duplicate record based on the Start Data, End Date, and Raw Data. If duplicate record found then it will not import and log the details in the log file along with any error if occurred any during the process.
  3. Once all the activities get imported to the system, we need to process all the raw data into their respective entities. For this Run Career Activity Retrieval Process, which required the following parameters.
    1. ReportOutPutLocation :  Holds the path where log file will generate
    2. ActivityDT : This is an option for internal use only
  4. Once you run the process flow, it will start fetching data based on the Activity Type and dump it into their respective entities based on their Activity Type.
    Refer the examples and screenshots given below:
    1. Career Activity Job Alert
    2. Career Activity Job Applications
    3. Career Activity Resume
  5. During the process, process flow also check for duplicate records based on Career Center Unique ID. If matched, it will log the message to the log file and skip the record.
  6. It will also create the person record for Job Application and Resume type records based on First Name, Last Name or Email, if already exits then only links to the person record. And same can be view from their respective person records.
  7. Both the process will create two separate log files for each process with Date and timestamp to the file name.

    Sample log file look like this:

    Log file only contain duplicate record found message and error messages only, it will not log the details for successful process for any of the record.
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