What does this Setup do?

After a successful installation, the setup creates the following:

Adding Application and Services

The setup creates Career Lead Generation application in your system. It consists of two services: Career Lead Integration Configurations and Career Leads. Make sure you add the Career Lead Generation application to your folder list. For more information on how to manage applications and services, see Using Applications and Services.

  • Career Lead Integration Configurations - This service consists of record(s) that has Client Configurations parameters of an association.

    The Client Configurations parameters shown in the below image are for example purpose only and will vary for each association.

  • Career Leads - This service is a staging entity that consists of records to import lead(s) information provided by the YM Career Leads.

    At this stage, the records are NOT stored in the Aptify system and are only used to transfer the information related to received Lead.

Adding Fields to an Opportunity Record

The setup adds the following fields to an Opportunity Record:

  • Review for Duplicate Checkbox - This checkbox is used to alert the staff whether the created opportunity needs a duplicate check or not.
  • Type - This mandatory field indicates the type of an opportunity. For example, Candidate, Employer, Recruiter
  • Source - This mandatory field indicates the source from which the opportunity was received.
  • Account Manager - This mandatory field indicates the employee who is responsible for Career Leads generation.
  • Company - This mandatory field indicates the company for which the candidate belongs to. If there is no company information received from Career Lead, a default company 'Career Center Placeholder Company' is used.
  • Career Center Unique ID - This field is located on the form template. Each Opportunity record has a unique ID provided by YM Careers.

Adding New Process Flows

The leads are imported from the YM Career Lead to Aptify AMS through the process flows. The following are the process flows created by the setup in your Aptify system:

  • Career Leads Import - This is a parent process flow that executes all the processes related to the Career Leads. This process flow is responsible for getting the lead information and importing it into system.
  • Career Leads Retrieval - This process flow is responsible for getting the list of leads from YM Careers.
  • Career Leads Duplicate Checks - This process flow is responsible for checking for a duplicate lead.
  • Career Leads Opportunity Creator - This process flow is responsible for creating new opportunity record.
  • Career Leads Create New Person - This process flow is responsible for Creating new person from the details provided in leadGE.
  • Career Leads Opportunity Company Id Retriever - This process flow is responsible for retrieving the company ID based on the company name provided on leadGE, if not found then returns the dummy company ID of [Career Center PlaceHolder Company]
  • Career Leads Update Duplicate Person - This process flow is responsible for updating the existing person record with 'Exclude email' flag set to True.

Adding Career Center Views

The setup creates the Career Center views folder with the following default views in the Opportunities Service to divide the Opportunity records as per their status and stage:

  • Career Center Prospective Leads - This view consists of Opportunity records that are at Prospect stage and does not require duplicate checks.
  • Career Center Leads for Review - This view consists of opportunity records that are at Raw Lead stage and needs be checked for duplicate records.
  • Prospective Members for Date Range By User Type - This view consists of opportunity records filter as per type and selected date range.

Adding Multiple Base View 

A new Multiple Base View 'Career Lead Prospects for Email Notification' is created on the Persons service. This view consists of fields from the Persons and Opportunities services. A staff user can create a Career Lead view using this Multiple Base View and send the e-mails with the required content to the records using Aptify Messaging application.

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