About the Committees Form

Committees records track committees within an organization. Committee information includes goals, members, and sub-committees or committee terms.


Top Area

Name (required)

Name of the committee.


Parent committee associated with the committee, if applicable. An organization can use this field to create a hierarchy of committees and sub-committees.

Organization (required)

Organization to which the committee is linked.

Committee Type (required)

Committee Type for the committee.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Committees record.

General Tab

Coordinator (required)

Name of the committee coordinator. This field provides a link to the Employees record.


Descriptive information about the committee.


Goals for the committee.


Desired Reach level for the committee. Generally, the reach level represents the scope of the committee's responsibility. The standard choices are Global, National, State, County, and Local.

Date Founded

Date the committee was founded. This field defaults to the current date for new records.


Indicates whether the committee is currently active.

Meetings Tab

The Meetings tab lists all of the Meetings records linked to this committee (as specified on the Meeting Products record's Details > General tab).

Members Tab

The Members tab lists all the committee members that are associated with the Committee Terms records linked to this committee.

Products Tab

The Products tab lists all of the products linked to this committee (as specified on the Products record's Details > General tab).

Terms Tab

The Terms tab lists all committee terms that are associated with the committee.


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