About the Committee Term Members Form

The Committee Terms Members record stores information regarding the specific member of a committee term. Committee Term Members records may be opened from the Members tab of a Committee Terms record or the Committees tab of a Persons record.


Committee Term (required)

The Committee Term of which the person is a member. This field automatically populates with the name of the Committee Term and cannot be modified by a user. Note that a user can click the Committee Term hyperlink to open the corresponding Committee Terms record if needed.

Member (required)

Name of the Member. This field links to the Persons service.


Numeric rank of the member within the committee. The default is zero.


Title of the committee member during this term.


The role of the Committee Term member.

Voting Member

Indicates whether the member is a voting member of the committee term.


The region that the member covers for this term.

Start Date (required)

Date the individual committee term member started serving the term. When adding a new Committee Term Member, this field defaults to the Start Date of the Committee Term (except when using the Committee Term Renewal wizard where the Start Date defaults to the current date or to the date specified by the user in the wizard). If the Committee Term has no Start and End Dates specified, the Start Date field defaults to the current date for new records.

End Date

End date of this term member's participation in the committee term. When adding a new Committee Term Member, this field defaults to the End Date of the Committee Term.


Goals for this member during the committee term.


Specific accomplishments by this member on behalf of the committee.


Summary of the committee member's goals, roles, and activities during the term.


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