Structuring Committees

Committees within an organization serve many purposes and are structured in a variety of ways. Some committees are created to cover one event, while others have a complex structure that includes sub-committees and a long length of service. Aptify Committee Management application consists of two primary services:

  • Committees
  • Committee Terms

The Committees service tracks the overall information about the committee and its purpose. The Committee Terms service tracks similar information, but the information is specific to the scope of a particular term. For instance, if a committee has been designed to schedule a particular event, the mission of the committee may be to successfully hold the event and stay within a budget. A committee term could be created to handle the tasks up until the event occurs, and then another committee term could be created to handle all of the follow-up tasks. Each committee term could have its own schedule and purpose. In Aptify, members are associated with the Committee Term, which requires that each committee have at least one committee term linked to it.

Tracking Committees Based on Terms

To track committees based on terms, create a Committees record and link multiple Committee Terms records to it. For instance, create a Committees record called Executive Committee and then link the Committee Terms records called Executive Committee 2006, Executive Committee 2007, and so on, to the Committees record. This allows reporting for any of the terms as well as for the Executive Committee overall.

Tracking Non-Term Committees

If the organization does not track specific committee terms, create a single Committees record and link it to a single Committee Terms record. For instance, create one Committees record called Executive Committee, and one Committee Terms record also called Executive Committee. People are then linked to the single Committee Terms record, which essentially acts the same as the Committees record.

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