Getting Started with Using Committee Management

This topic provides links to content related to the Aptify Committee Management application, focusing on Committees and Committee Terms.

Some articles in this section display content specific to the Smart Client application, as not all the functionality is currently available in the Aptify Web application.

Managing Committees and Committee Terms

Organizations frequently assemble committees to focus on specific tasks or events. The committee may be designed to perform a single function for a short period of time, such as organizing a corporate event, or it may be a long-term project that operates indefinitely. Additionally, committees may be organized into sub-committees. Aptify Committee Management application provides diverse functionality to address the varying committee structures of an organization.

This topic contains links to the following sub-topics:

About the Committee Management Services

This topic displays the services that comprise Committee Management as well as the application in which they are located. The applications listed are the default locations for the services. If the service is not available on your system, in the listed application, please contact your system administrator. A complete listing of services and applications are located in About the Applications and their Services and About the Services and their Applications.



Committee Roles

Committee Management

Committee Terms

Committee Management

Committee Types

Committee Management


Committee Management

Contact Log

Customer Management
Committee Management


Campaign Management
Committee Management

About the Committee Management Forms

This topic provides links to sub-topics that provide field-by-field information on every form used in the Committee Management application. These topics are intended for use as a reference for the various fields on any Committee Management form.

The forms are listed in alphabetical order. Within each form, tabs are also addressed in alphabetical order.

Note that the fields marked as required in this chapter are required at the entity level. In some cases, a required field may already have a default value so a user does not need to specify a value for these fields before saving the record. 

The Committee Management forms are described in the following sub-topics:

The following forms are used in the Committee Management application but are described elsewhere. Refer to the topics specified below for information on the following forms:

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