Creating Committees

The Committees record tracks the name of the committee and the organization to which it pertains, as well as the terms and members associated with the committee terms. Follow these steps to create a new committee:

  1. Open a new record from the Committees service.
    • The Committees service is located in the Committee Management application. 
  2. Enter the Name of the committee.
  3. Enter the organization to which this committee applies in the Organization field.
    • This field links to the Organizations service. 
  4. Select a committee type in the Committee Type field.
  5. Enter the name of the coordinator for the committee in the Coordinator field.
    • This field links to the Employees service. 
  6. Enter the description of the committee in the Description field.
  7. Specify the Goals of the committee. 
  8. Select the reach of the committee from the Reach drop-down list.
    • The available options are Global, National, State, County, and Local. 
  9. Enter the date on which the committee was founded in the Date Founded field.

  10. For committees that are active, confirm that the Active option is selected.
    • To mark a committee as inactive, clear the Active option. 
  11. Save the record.

Creating a Sub-Committee Record

Subcommittee records can be created by utilizing the Parent field on the Committees record. Entering an existing Committees record into the Parent field on a new Committees record creates the hierarchical structure of a Committee (the parent committee) and a Subcommittee (the committee that indicates a parent record).



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