Adding People to a Committee Term

Follow these steps to add multiple people to a committee term in one operation:

  1. Create or open a Persons view that includes the people you want to add to a committee term.
  2. Select the people in the view to be added to the committee. To select more than one Persons record, hold down the Ctrl key and click each record.
  3. Select the Add Persons to Committee option from Actions dropdown to initiate the wizard.
    • Note that the wizard is not available for prompted views.

    • A dialog appears with three options. 
  4. Either click No to add to a committee term only the persons selected within the view or click Yes to add all people in the view to a committee term. The Select Committee Terms dialog appears.
    • You can also click Cancel if you want to cancel the process. 
  5. If not already selected, select the Add Persons(s) as Member option to add this person as a committee term member.
    • This feature can also be used to add persons as nominees to committee terms by selecting the Add Persons(s) as Nominee option. See Adding Nominees to a Committee Term for more details. 
  6. Select the filter by which to view the available committee terms:
    • Current Committee Terms
    • Past Committee Terms
    • Future Committee Terms
    • All Committee Terms 
  7. Place a check mark in the Selected column for each committee term to which you want to add this person.
  8. For each committee term you selected, specify the person's rank and voting status, if desired.

  9. Click OK
  10. When prompted, click Yes to confirm your selection.
    • A confirmation window displays verifying that the selected records were added to the committee term. 
  11. To return to the Select Committee Terms dialog box and add the persons to more committees, click Cancel. Otherwise, click OK to return to the view.
    • The committee terms that a person is a member of are listed on the Committees tab of the Persons record.
    • The person also appears on a Members tab of the Committees and Committee Terms records.
    • See Modifying Committee Term Members for details on how to add more information about a particular committee term member.
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