Managing Committee Members

In Aptify, all committees must have at least one committee term linked to it before members can be associated with a committee. Members are added to the Committee Terms record and display on the Members tab of the Committees record and on the Members tab of the Committee Terms record.

Additionally, the Committee Terms record links to a Persons record, so if the person being added is an employee of the organization, their Employees record must be linked to a Persons record. This may require creating a Persons record for the employee and linking their Persons record to their Employee record via the Persons field on the Details tab of the Employees record. See Linking an Employees Record to a Persons Record for more information.

A user can add one Person to a term or add multiple people to a term using in a single operation.

By default, you cannot add a member to a committee term more than once. See Allowing Duplicate Committee Term Members, if you want to allow duplicate committee term members.

This section describes how to add and modify committee term members and covers the following topics:


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