Creating Committee Terms

Committee Terms records track the dates a committee term starts and ends as well as the goals to accomplish during a committee term. Additionally, the members and nominees are tracked using Committee Terms records along with the active and inactive members. A Committees record must be created and saved before an associated Committee Terms record can be created.

  1. Open a new Committee Terms record.
    • You can open a new record either from a Committees Record's Terms tab or directly from the Committee Terms service.
    • The Committee Terms service is located in the Committee Management application. 
  2. Enter the Name of the Committee Term.
  3. Enter the name of the committee to which this term applies in the Committee field.
    • If you opened this record from a Committees record, the Committee field populates automatically. 
  4. Enter the Director for the committee term. This field links to the Persons service.
  5. Under the General tab, specify the duration of the term by entering a Start Date and an End Date.
    • The system automatically populates the Start Date with today's date. You can change this as necessary.
    • For open-ended terms, leave the End Date field blank.
    • The End Date cannot be earlier than the Start Date
  6. If applicable, enter the e-mail address that has been established to communicate committee information during this term in the Term Email field.
  7. Specify the Goals for the committee term.
  8. If applicable, specify the Accomplishments of the committee.
    • Typically, you will return to this record after the term has ended and enter its accomplishments. 
  9. Enter additional information about the term in the Summary field, as necessary.
  10. If you want to allow a member to appear more than once in this term's membership list, select the Allow Duplicate Members option. If you want to prevent a member from being listed more than once, clear the Allow Duplicate Members option.

  11. Save the record.
  12. As needed, add term members, nominees, and meetings. Refer to the following sections for details:
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