Modifying Committee Term Members

Once a person has been added to a Committee Term, you can add more information or modify the person's membership information at any time as necessary. Follow these steps to open and modify a Committee Term Members record:

  1. Do one of the following to open a Committee Term Members record:
    • Open a Committee Terms record and click the Members tab. Then, double-click an existing member to open the Committee Term Members record.
    • Open a Persons record and click the Committees tab. Then, double-click an existing Committee Term membership to open the corresponding Committee Term Members record. 
  2. Specify the Rank and Title of the Member if desired.
  3. In the Role field, specify the role of the member.
  4. If the member has voting privileges, select the Voting Member check box.
  5. If the member is restricted to a specific region, specify that location in the Region field.
  6. Modify the Start Date and End Date, as necessary. 
    • By default, these fields are set to the Committee Term's Start and End Date. 
  7. Specify additional information about this member in the Goals, Accomplishments, and Summary fields, as necessary.
  8. Click OK to save and close the Committee Term Members record.
  9. Save the Committee Terms record.
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