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This topic assumes that you are familiar with the concepts and terminology associated with CES, if you are new to CES or for a better understanding of the concept and to appreciate the context of the details provided refer to – Scoring Member Engagement: What Engagement Really Means and How to Measure It - by Amith Nagarajan (available here, on the Aptify website).


CES starts with an organization determining the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are related to the organization's strategic goals, and determining the importance (or weight) of these KPIs in relation to the strategic goals. The KPIs are defined within a CES Plan record. CES periodically runs process flows that calculate the KPIs and the Composite Engagement Score for an organization's members. The results can be viewed in each Persons/Companies record, in the CES Plan record, the CES Scores record, and in views.

The CES results can be used by an organization to analyze the data to understand current member engagement and use trend analysis to proactively act to improve member engagement. The data can also be used to assist in the on-going selection of KPIs, and in analysis of how the organization is using CES to ensure that the maximum benefit is returned from the application.

CES in Aptify 5.5.2 has the following database objects that can be used to create KPI:

  • spGetAverageRevenueToOrgLast2Years – Can be used to measure the average revenue to the organization in the last two years for each member.
  • spGetTotalCommitteesServedLast3Years – Can be used to measure the total number of committees served on in the last three years for each member.
  • spGetTotalEventsAttendedLast3Years – Can be used to measure the total number of events attended in the last three years for each member.



 If your organization would like a custom database object or plug-in created to support another KPI, please contact Aptify Consulting.


The setup for CES with standard KPIs is fairly straightforward and does not require specific programming skills. Some configuration is required (DBObject or Plugin) in scenarios where an association wants to use a KPI that is not included in the standard package. Aptify will also assist Associations to identify KPIs by performing Business Intelligence analysis on their datasets. Aptify is committed to continue adding those KPIs which are common to many associations. 

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